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Rally Digest #36 (August 2, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around Rally.

New Creators:

Casually Explained/ $CEXP

Casually Explained is a content creator with over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers. He is known for his stick figure videos that take big concepts, such as evolution and finding a job, and break them down for the internet to easily digest.

Matt Squire /$EMO

Emo Coin is a community of emo artists and fans. Established by producer Matt Squire (All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, 3OH!3), Emo Coin members get exclusive access to well known and emerging emo artists, live streamed performances, and more.

Coinbase Primer For Creators and Their Communities:

Check out this primer that introduces creators and their communities to Coinbase and highlights how to buy and sell Creator Coins.

Rally in the News:

  • feature on social token proclaims “platforms such as BitClout and Rally really could become pillars of social interactions.”

Industry News:

  • The podcast Mint is launching its second season, focused on creators and crypto. A cast of familiar names building and investing in the space including Seed Club’s Jess Sloss, IDEO’s Reuben Bramanathan and Electric Capital’s Maria Shen are featured.
  • The chairman of Dublin’s Science Gallery, Chris Horn, argues in the Irish Times that social tokens could form new economies for fans of not only elite football clubs, but also musicians and and all sorts of other creators. Creator coins from Portugal The Man and Keisuke Honda are name-checked.
  • Coca-Cola entered the metaverse with a series of NFTs, part of an ongoing trend for major brands to engage with consumers and fans at the intersection of crypto and culture, Forbes’ Marty Swant reports.
  • Fortune released its first ranking of NFT stars with the NFTy 50. From Beeple and Jay-Z to FlamingoDAO and Cherie Hu, the venerable business magazine has you covered. The print issue features a cover by NFt and DeFi favorite pplpleasr.
  • Creators might want to give Snapchat another look. The app hit number one on download charts last week as a new marketing campaign got users snapping again. It’s the first time it has topped the charts since 2018, according to The Information’s Kaya Yurieff. Watch out, Tik tok.
  • Media investor and former HuffPo and WaPo exec Jarrod Dicker meditates on the nature of media and hip-hop in this essay analyzing the unbundling and remixing of media formats and crypto. It’s part of Darkstar DAO, which publishes think-pieces on Mirror.




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