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Rally Digest #39 (August 23, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around Rally.

New Creators:


$HLTH coin will be bringing together the most innovative minds in healthcare to launch the earliest crypto-health applications. The healthcare economy will create a new network of value based medicine through a variety of health products.


Nicolle, of Katty Lenoir, is the CEO and Founder of Katty Customs (as a subsidiary of Katty Lenoir). She’s been the face of Katty Customs, as the main artist for all shoes showcased online. She’s been creating custom clothing and customizing footwear for well over 10 years. Nicolle has now opened up a custom shop in Torrance, CA, as well as a flagship store on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.

Dom Lewis/ $DOM

Professional tumbler and martial arts tricker who travels the world full-time coaching, judging, and hosting events. His main goal is to create content that inspires others to do what they love.

Kenny Holland/ $IVO

Pop/rock recording artist and songwriter.

Project News:

This week, Rally founder @KevinChou published a proposal to decentralize and expand the scope of the $RLY Network vision.

  • Read the proposal here
  • Read Coindesk’s summary here

Innovative Use Cases:

This week’s digest shares tips for maximizing the use of the Rally Discord Bot.

Thought Leadership:

  • Rally community appointed CMO/CRO Bremner Morris wrote an op-ed published in TechCrunch, arguing that OnlyFans’ decision to ban explicit content isn’t a platform problem, it’s an ecosystem problem. He goes on to detail what a “creators’ bill of rights” might look like.
  • Rally VP of Creator Success Stephanie Pereira and Director of Creator Partnerships (Music) Bryce Carr spoke at the NFT Experience, a virtual event from NFT Genius, the team behind popular NFT series Bitcoin Origins. Link to conference recording. Bryce’s panel: How the Music Industry Benefits from NFTs (4:27:15). Stephanie’s panel: A Contemporary Renaissance: How NFTs are Globalizing the Patronage of Artists (5:38:04)

Rally in the News:

  • Coindesk covered the Rally Decentralization Proposal
  • Brian Clark (aka $MOVE) wrote a post about how creator coins empower content entrepreneurs and their customers

Industry News:

Missed the Rally Community Call? Watch it here.



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