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Rally Digest #46 (October 11, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project.

New Creators:

Shantell Martin/ $WHO

Shantell Martin is one of today’s most groundbreaking multimedia artists. Known for her ongoing exploration of the vast potential of the drawn line, below the surface of her signature black and white drawing is an exploration of the reciprocal relationship between artist and viewer, in which a work of art is more than an object of admiration. Exploring themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, Shantell is a cultural facilitator, forging new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology.

Brittany Brave/ $BRAVE

Brittany Brave is a comedian, host, actress and producer based in NYC and Miami. Founder of Cat Call. Tiny. Always Yelling. Advocate for artists, women and survivors.

James Sommerville/ $KUDOS

The world as we know it is changing, and so we. KnownUnknown is a design-first social platform built by designers and creative entrepreneurs seeking to drive transformative value for all.

Lonche De Huevito/ $HUEVO

Lonche is one of the fastest growing streamers and content creators in Latin America. He mainly focuses on Fortnite, Call of Duty and GTA. He is close friends and lives with Jelty where they frequently collaborate. Check out his content for one of the most entertaining creators you’ll see!

Beatific/ $BEAT

Andorian also known as ‘Beatific’ is a Global Disk Jockey with the goal of being the world’s most versatile DJ. He affectionately coins the phrase ‘Every Genre, Any Language’ when asked what exactly he spins in his sets. You can catch some of his live sets virtually through Clubhouse many days out of the week or catch is infamous Lo-Fi room when needing to get work done any and everywhere.

Strife/ $STRF

This is the official cryptocurrency of STRIFE, a north american esports organization. Proceeds will be used to fund event, support players and build a community. The coin will be used for drops in the community, streams, events and will be used to participate in exclusive tournaments, competitive challenges and VIP channels.

Tyger Campbell/ $TYGER

Tyger Campbell is the Point Guard for UCLA Men’s Basketball! Off the court, he enjoys playing chess online with friends, making beats and mastering music for the local artists he works with and playing the Nintendo Switch (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Galaxy, Mario Cart).

Comedy Records/ $HAHA

Comedy Records is a record label dedicated to releasing standup and sketch comedy albums. Since 2010 we’ve had several releases, some of which have reached the top of the iTunes comedy charts and can be heard regularly on Siriusxm. Our albums are supported through lives showcases and tours in clubs, festivals and theatres throughout North America.

Simon Patterson/ $SIMON

21 consecutive Beatport number ones with massive singles such as ‘Dissolve’, ‘Now I Can Breath Again’, ‘Apex’, ‘The One’, ‘Shadows’ (with Astrix), ‘Brush Strokes’, ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Here and Now’, ‘Latika’, ‘Thump’, ‘Smack’, ‘F-16’, ‘Bulldozer’, ‘Mood Swing’ — Simon Patterson’s production back catalogue is an astonishing list of hit after hit record.

Project News:

On Friday, Rally VP of Product Chris Fortier published a blog post “How Rally is Able to Mint Tokens and NFTs With Nearly the Same Carbon Emission as a Tweet”

Rally in the News:

Industry News:

  • The intersection of the creator economy and NFTs has attracted $250 million in funding this year alone, according to data compiled by The Information. These range from marketplace giants like OpenSea to utility NFTs like Unlock Protocol.
  • Crypto isn’t just transforming gaming, it’s changing the way we work and learn as well. This thread from Lightspeed’s Mercedes Bent takes you through the “learn to earn” phenomenon where students get paid in tokens to study, and other emerging models in the education and work design-space.
  • Community management and cultivation is a cornerstone of any creator’s economy. This thread from social tokens experimenter David Kobrosky introduces three major frameworks for thinking about how communities develop, and what creators can do to optimize for them. Take your pick of Sarnoff’s Theory, Metcalf’s Law or The Law of the Pack (that last one sounds the most fun…).
  • How do social tokens and NFTs overlap? Investor Reade Seiff and self-described “social token maxi” has a theory: NFTs are social tokens. He takes us through the paces that go from a piece of unique artwork to a token with utility that provides access to community and social clout.
  • Some galaxy brains — Jad Esber of the Berkman Klein Center and Scott Kominers of Harvard Business School — have published a new paper offering a way for tokens to create a reputation-based system. The idea is to design a system with two tokens: one for reputation and one for liquidity. It’s a long paper, so settle in with a hot drink before you get started.




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