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Rally Digest #49 (November 1, 2021)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project.

New Creators:

Omari MC/ $OMARI

Omari MC is a multi-million dollar, full-scale music marketing agency specializing in Spotify, YouTube, & social media promotion. They create optimized business plans, marketing strategies, & sales funnels for thousands of artists across the world. With the advent of creators coins & NFTs, they plan to spearhead the marketing of new ways artists can monetize and grow their fanbases.


1/2 of Audio Push. 1/♾ of THENEVERMIND. Here to change Music, Culture, Tech, & more.

NFT Spotlight:

Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe’s NFT celebrates the first 50 interviews they conducted and includes access to pretapings, audition & reunion shows and surprises like backstage passes, as well as a copy of the e-book of the first 50.


​​Clothia’s NFT was originally presented at Paris Fashion Week and comes with a custom Nebulae skirt, tailored to your personal measurements and preferences.

Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver’s NFT offered access to their Halloween event Ask the Oracles, a cosmic zoom show featuring 25 intuitives and visionaries.

Project News:

  • On Thursday, Rally launched R Coin, a non-Rewards eligible Creator Coin that provides the Rally team with a tool to learn and innovate, offering new opportunities to educate, reward, and celebrate our community. Read more about R Coin here.

Rally in the News:

Industry News:

  • Patreon likes “creator coins.” The platform’s chief product officer told The Information’s creator economy conference that “enormous innovation” is happening in the crypto space, and that NFTs could be a way to develop more revenues for creators over time, Techcrunch reported. Previously, Patreon’s head of policy said on a livestream that a coin or token for communities to create “fan clubs” could be on the cards.
  • Creator economy startups are on track to raise $5 billion this year, according to The Information’s Creator Economy Database. Creator services and platforms account for the lion’s share, although shopping and crypto are not far behind.
  • E-commerce is the next big growth area for creators, according to YouTube’s chief business officer, who said it would turn the sector into “a juggernaut,” while speaking at The Information’s creator economy conference. The YouTube exec also said the platform is talking about NFTs internally.
  • Building your own creator economy? Check out this super in-depth case study of Friends With Benefits by Austin Robey for Forefront. The FWB community, which has become a DAO, is one of the most successful social token communities out there. This piece goes into the history of how it got there, plus the mechanics and community values that make it work.
  • Noted NFT and DeFi investor Santiago Santos analyzes how social tokens intersect with DeFi on Adam Levy’s podcast, Mint.

Missed the Rally Community Call? Watch it here.



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