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Rally Digest #56 (January 10, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project.

NFT Spotlight:

This NFT collection by Karma Goddess ($KARMA) introduces the first part of a series of written reflections about the Creator’s entry into the world of blockchain, crypto, and web3. Karma plans to publish the whole series in sequential NFT collections, each collection serving as a fractional piece of a larger literary work.

Nicholena Moon’s ($MOON) Silver Moon Coin League Pass NFT grants holders of the NFT access to rewards in the daily Hearthstone Battleground lobbies, allowing holders to win $.50 for each lobby played and $5.00 for each lobby won.

Together ARTS ($TGTHR) released the Promiscuous Garden NFT by artist Loló Bonfanti, generating a playful, curious, visual experience that challenges the social norms by which we develop our own identities and worldviews. The work imagines a new nature that bends between binaries and environments, suggesting a new path for human coexistence.

Project News:

Rally is partnering with the Creator Economy Expo on our first-ever Rally Creator Day. This will be an in-person experience on Monday, May 22nd 2022 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Free to attend for Rally Creators, our Creator Day will include panel conversations with Rally Creators, presentations from Rally leadership, and opportunities for Creators to connect and learn. Click here to reserve a spot today.

Industry News:

The largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, raised $300 million at a $13.3 billion valuation, ArtNet reported. The firm was founded just four years ago and has become a major beneficiary of the NFT boom. The company would use the new funds to staff up on customer support and its trust and safety teams, it said.

Creator economy startups raised $5 billion in funding last year, but it’s not going to last, according to The Information’s Kaya Yurieff. The reporter, who specializes in the sector, believes most startups have too much overlap in their feature sets and use-cases. What’s more, many of them will begin a shift to Web3. Firms at the intersection of Web3 and the creator economy will thrive, she wrote.

Social token incubator Seed Club had a busy few weeks. It launched its CLUB membership token, and a ran a contest called The DAO 20 Awards to distribute 25,000 CLUB to “impactful members of the DAO ecosystem.” Names familiar to the social token space are on the awards list, including treasury-tool Llama’s Shreyas Hariharan, music-NFT pioneer Jack Spallone and FWB builder Raihan.

The Financial Times dropped a deep-dive into DAOs and social tokens, highlighting CityDAO, ConstitutionDAO and Syndicate Protocol. The piece highlights how crypto-tokens enable a new form of collective ownership.



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