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Rally Digest #63 (Mar 1, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project.

Social Token Launches

Roberto Carlos — $RC3

Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian former footballer who is widely considered one of the greatest left backs in history. As well as lifting the 2002 World Cup, Roberto Carlos also won three Champions League and four La Liga titles with Real Madrid in his career, which ended in 2015 after a spell in India as player/head coach with Delhi Dynamos. Fans who hold $RC3 will gain access to exclusive signed merch giveaways, private NFT drops, Zoom calls and other benefits and experiences on Rally.

Also launched last week: $T45, $IDEA, $LADDR

NFT Spotlight

A&R Block ($ANR) — a collective of entertainment industry professionals that helps people build their networks through demo submissions, NFT music/art, social media support, and entertainment industry networking/conventions — launched the Dynasty “Go Get It” NFT Collection, highlighting A&R member and musician Dynasty’s newest track “Go Get It.” NFT holders will receive a physical t-shirt with a DTG Print of the NFT, as well as special access to future events hosted by Dynasty.

Thought Leadership

Tam Gryn, Director of Fine Arts at, brings deep arts experience to the Rally team. In “11 Reasons Why Artists Shouldn’t Be Afraid of NFTs”, she shares compelling perspectives on the upside that the NFT market can provide for artists, going beyond the money and into the doors that NFTs can help unlock.

Creator Spotlight

Learn how Bret Kinsella of $BOT used Rally NFTs as a bridge to Ethereum NFTs for his Niftorian NFT Project on the Rally Blog.

Industry News

LinkedIn is getting into podcasts in its latest effort to engage with the creator economy, The Information reported. The professional social-media platform will publish original shows by LinkedIn staff and distribute shows made by independent creators. LinkedIn’s other creator efforts include an accelerator program and $25 million pledged for investment.

OpenSea has hired another senior Meta executive, The Information reported. The largest NFT marketplace hired Chris Ackermann to head its developer experiences program. He was previously a senior director of partner engineering at Meta. OpenSea has also hired a Meta vice president of commerce, Shiva Rajaraman, as its vice president of product.

Pioneering social tokens data and news site Forefront has developed a new DAO framework that it’s calling “Vibez Infinity Flow”. It will implement the framework in its second season. The framework is supposed to help individual DAO members more easily get aligned with the DAO’s objectives as a whole. The idea was developed during Forefront’s “off season” as it took time out to plan the DAO’s future.

Musicians and artists, including a founder of Russian art and activism group Pussy Riot, formed UkraineDAO last week. The DAO would sell a single NFT of the Ukrainian flag, but also launched a PartyBid for the NFT that would allow anyone to buy a fractional slice of the token. The NFT has attracted $4.6 million in Ether in about three and a half days.

FWB treasury member and noted social token issuer Holyn updated her social token guide from 2020 to provide a map of today’s social token landscape. Check out her definitions of the three major social token types: personal, community and creator tokens.



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