Rally Unveils New Campaign Functionality And Discord Tipping

Rally is continuing to listen to creators and their fans to build out supporting tools and features to help creators customize their coin economy. Today, we unveiled two new features: campaigns and Discord tipping.


Creators can drive engagement and FOMO with their community from Rally.io with Campaigns. This feature allows creators to generate a link for fans to exchange a preset amount of their Creator Coins for a limited quantity of items from merch, 1:1 sessions, seats in an event, etc.

For example, a creator can launch exclusive merch by creating a campaign for “5 limited edition t-shirts for 15 $EXAMPLE coin” and share with their community!

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set it up, visit our Wiki page here.

Discord Tipping

For creators who are already loving the Creator Coin Discord Bot, great news! We have powered up the Bot with new commands making tipping in Discord seamless. Fans can donate directly to creators with “!coin donation” and to other fans with “!coin send”.

For a full list of commands or for a guide on how to set up the Bot in a Discord server, read our Wiki here.

Watch a video explainer for the Rally Community Call on March 19:




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Kurt Patat

Kurt Patat

Global Head of Communications for Rally

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