Twitch Streamer Stanz Wins Big with Fans By Integrating STANZcoin For Head-to-Head Games

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WHO: Nate Stanz (Stanz)

STATS: 23.9k followers on Twitch

BIO: Apart from being a Partnered Twitch streamer, Nate is also currently a General Manager of several teams at GenG Esports. Prior to GenG, Nate held senior business development and partnerships roles at GMR Marketing, Patreon, Curse Inc, and Team Liquid. Nate graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Political Science and Digital Culture in 2014.

Stanz announces his Creator Coin

ACTIVATION: Every Sunday, Stanz hosts the Thunderdome where he battles his fans in a series of popular games like Connect 4, Chess, Pokemon Random Battles, Super Smash Bros and League of Legends.

With the launch of his STANZcoin, he announced the integration of the coin into Thunderdome Sundays. Fans can now challenge him to a game of their choice for 10 STANZcoins per game. If they beat him, subscribers would win 20 coins, while non-subscribers would win 10 coins.

The low-cost price per entry for a one-on-one interaction, plus the potential for fans to double their earnings (for subscribers) upped the ante and excitement for Thunderdome Sundays.

Stanz announces he will go head-to-head with fans playing games using his STANZcoin


  • The specific call-to-action to his community drove more than 200 transactions of the coin in the first 5 days alone and nearly 400 to date.
  • Each Thunderdome Sunday is currently averaging 20 games and fans are becoming more adventurous in their game challenges. Recently, a fan challenged Stan to a $50 for a “coin flipper” match for 200 Stanzcoin, the most to date.
  • Fan purchases driven by novel community uses in addition to excitement around Stanz’s brand has driven coin price from $0.076 at launch to $0.23.

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