How He Feels

Credit: Goodfreephotos_com at Pixabay

The wall is regret inside of him that his father built
Questions answered by a picture of a rolling hill in Tuscany 
nailed to the window frame
There is no air for nuance
There is no air for wrongs
There is no air for air
He can only see moving objects and vows are not
When he was a boy he panicked when he could not 
push open an inward-swinging door
He faces the same impotence at this moment
The notion that emotional decisions are final has him paralyzed
He was taught to not go back on his word, no matter the color of it
Look at him she says to me see how he feels
and I turn to see the wrecking ball demolish the brickwork
how painfully tender he is
The wall in the man may be down
but the boy cannot get up from under it

Regitze Ladekarl has re-emerged as a raconteur after a long, successful career elsewhere. She crafts universal tales from everyday lives with an honest, sharp and witty pen. Besides working on a forthcoming novel, she flexes her voice with personal essays, flash fiction, and method writing here on Medium.

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