Virtue of Necessity

Credit: dennisflarsen at Pixabay

The steel of our ancestors speak louder than ever
We think it is our beams but that is not what we hear
Behind our free will are generations of structures
that put their concrete on our ear
and turn their drills into hooks
that go in our brains and turn our perspective in their favor
We are children playing dress-up in their clothes and shoes
We think no one has done that before
We do not know we are forced to pretend
We make virtue of necessity and justification
Jeff was told to never say thank you or apologize
because it makes you weak, beholden to others
and a just man is never wrong
I think about this as I sit down next to him
in the corner, he has backed himself into

Regitze Ladekarl has re-emerged as a raconteur after a long, successful career elsewhere. She crafts universal tales from everyday lives with an honest, sharp and witty pen. Besides working on a forthcoming novel, she flexes her voice with personal essays, flash fiction, and method writing here on Medium.

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