Wild Wild Web: October 16th 2017

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Good listens

1.The Daily: Micheal Barbaro from NY Times speak with Jake Sullivan & Peter Baker. Together they breakdown the details of Iran deal. They focused on how it happened and what’s next given President Trump decided to not certify it.

2. The Imact: Sarah Kliff from Vox.com takes a deep dive into one of the core reasons behind US’ exuberant health care cost. Our unregulated healthcare market leave the patient and insurers at a disadvantage. The market usually weeds out these kind of conditions but a bleeding man lacks the capability to shop for the best prices. The deep dives explores the real world consequences of unreasonable healthcare fees.

Good Reads

1.Atlantic: Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity — Modern computers are the grand children of the technologies US government funded during the 60s. Google is trying to recreate that with X, the secretive moonshot division of Alphabet. Derek Thompson is the first journalist to get a first peek at X’s secrets and he is kind enough to share ’em with all of us.

2.Vox: Who’s going to be hurt by Trump’s new attack on Obamacare — Dylan Scott from Vox explores who’re at most risk as a result of Trump adminstration’s decision to cut CSR (Cost-sharing Reduction) payments.

3.NY Times: For Weinstein, a Brush With the Police, Then No Charges— More and more information keeps trickling out about Harvey Weinstein’s conduct. But the more troubling recent revalations are about how he’s been able to avoid prosecution even after brushes with the police.

4.The Guardian: ‘All wifi networks’ are vulnerable to hacking, security expert discovers — WPA2 is the encryption protocol used to secure most wifi networks. Belgian security expert Mathy Vanhoef discovered a serious weakness in it’s specification. He published his finding in a paper earlier today. This is a significant security risk for everyone using internet connected devices. The best place to start securing yourself is by updating all your devices to the softwares.

5.NewsWeek: THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS LETTING AMERICANS DIE IN PUERTO RICO, NURSES SAY — The crisis continues in Puerto Rico. The Federal government has so far fails to provide adequate logistical support. Most of Puerto Rico doesn’t have access to electricity and clean water. As things stand, the crisis there is slowly and surely spiraling more and more out of control. To make things worse, FEMA has dedicated much less resource to rebuilding Puerto Rico compared to Texas. It’s starting to make recovery painful and almost impossible. As a result of the inadequate response, many US citizens have lost their lives. Also, many more are at risk of facing severe condition in the coming days.

6.The Intercept: TOP TRUMP OFFICIAL JOHN KELLY ORDERED ICE TO PORTRAY IMMIGRANTS AS CRIMINALS TO JUSTIFY RAIDS — DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was directed to portray undocumented immigrants as criminal by the John Kelly. This sweeping directive to all immigration officials was to justify mass raids. This was uncovered from FOI (Freedom of Information) request for emails exchanged between Immigration and Customs officials. There was a collective effort by DHS officials to portray the raids as a necessity for public safety. This narrative falls flat upon closer inspection.

Cool Vids

1.Last Week Tonight: Equifax, one of the three credit bureaus in the US, was recently hacked. As a result, 50% of American’s most personal information has been stolen. John Oliver takes a deep dive into why this happened and what will the immense consequences for all. It is a very alarming incident which isn’t getting much press coverage. Ironically, Equifax and its c-level Executives have not been very forth coming about the details. In someways they are setting themselves up to make more money from this fiasco.

2. PDS: Oct 16th’s Philip Defranco Show.

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2.Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

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