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Mila, Mila, Go To Sleep

A lullaby

Photo by Adele Morris on Unsplash

Mila, Mila, go to sleep,

Close your eyes and never see,

Until you wake up from your dreams,

Mila, go to sleep.

This is a lullaby I wrote for my sister, Mila.

If you liked this lullaby, check out this compilation of my raps & rhymes:




This publication welcomes all ramblers and is interested in life, nature, animals, health, love, grief, psychology, and more! Preference is given to raps, poems, and short stories, although all kinds of rambles are welcome. I look forward to reading yours!

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Ramblings Anon

Ramblings Anon

Registered Nurse in SCBU | NZ/Māori | Writer of raps, poems, and other rambles | Lover of music, nature, animals, food, and chess ❤

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