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People Who Believe In Soulmates Have A Lot Of Soulmates.

I believe in my ability to manage lasting healthy relationships.

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Twin flames and soul mates were so my thing in my 30s, I was probably a bit behind having spent my teens and 20s in an actual relationship.

I love fantasy and spirituality, part of me wants to believe we’re in the matrix, but when it comes to real life, I will always lean on the side of reality.

We can tell all sorts of fantastical tales when you combine our incredible minds with the science and technology we have today.

Creation began with you and your destined lover and since the dawn of time, you have been drawn to one another, joined at the groin by an invisible cord made of each other's DNA.

I mean, come on now people, can we get our shit together long enough to recognise that there are vulnerable people out there believing such stories and they’re destroying themselves, and others, mentally and emotionally trying to fit into yet another false narrative?

Love is too valuable to play with, you don’t chuck love at the bottom of the toybox, that baby sits on the mantlepiece.

If I see another person call their tenth partner a soulmate, I’m saying something out loud, “Hey you realize you’re number ten, they got all their other soulmates on back-up too and your next boo boo”.

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