In Leroy’s Yard

A collection of old cars, broken cars, covered wagons and wild west facades are scattered around the backyard of Leroy L. in Carrizozo, New Mexico.

“ A lot of this stuff doesn’t mean much to everybody, but I love it! Look I’ve got an old candy machine right here, 5 cents! Were you guys around when you could buy a piece of candy for 5 cents? … ”

“ My parents family moved here from White Oaks. During the depression, my father sold everything over there and moved to Carrizozo. He brought a lot of his dad’s stuff with him but I’m the only one of my brothers that cared for it. Instead of selling it or throwing it away, I build these structures to show them off. ”

“ I got so many projects man… This thing about retiring and you got nothing to do that’s bullshit. I work harder now than I did when I was working. ”

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