Maggie Marquez — Chicken Sopa

“ What they want is, what they love is — they want me all the time to make chicken sopa. And my daughters-in-law all want the recipe for the chicken sopa because all my kids love the chicken sopa, and that’s what they want. ”
Do you have the recipe?
“ Off hand just like that? Well I’ve been doing it for so long. It’s very easy. You just boil the chicken in water — I like to use the breasts — and when they are cooked, I take them out, cut them up in little chunks, save the broth. And what you do is chop up half an onion, or the whole onion; depends on how much you like. Sauté it, put a can of green chiles: the long green, the chopped not too hot. But sometimes I have to make a hot one and a mild one because of the kids. So you just stir fry that a little bit. Then you put one can of cream of chicken soup. Then one cup of milk. Then you stir it up until you get a gravy consistency, not too thick not too thin. And then you pour the chopped chicken on it. Put it to the side, get a pan with a little bit of oil, get corn tortillas, fry them a little bit till they are soft, then layer them on a casserole dish. A layer of tortillas, the chicken, some cheese, then another layer, and that’s they way you go. Then you bake it for 30–35 minutes in the oven. ”

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