First Jimmy chewed a bit of his finger

Then he nibbled the end of his thumb

The finger tasted a bit like chicken

While the other very much like a plumb

He began to suck on his earlobe

Then he bit a chunk from his elbow

The former reminded him of taffy

The latter remarkably like cookie dough

Slowly he sucked down his hair

Then started licking his head

The hair tasted too much like shampoo

And the head had the texture of bread

He swallowed down one arm

He made a sandwich out of his nose

He set it on a fancy plate

He covered it with cheese from his toes

Jimmy sat and ate with glee

I really hope that he’s nutritious

One by one each part disappeared

Jimmy thought he was most certainly delicious

Love it or hate it let me know.


Photo by Anton Darius | Sollers on Unsplash

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