Deduction Story 3- It’s Amazing What You can tell from a Person’s Living Space isn’t it?

This is literally just straight deductions if you want to read XD

I was recently on holiday to the beach with my family and we stayed in a beachside condo. While we were there, I made sure to put my deduction skills to work. As soon as we walked in the condo, I could tell the owners were of the higher class by the decor and the fact that they owned a condo in the first place.

The first thing I noticed was almost every room consisted of large mirrors on the walls to make the space seem bigger. So, they prefer an open area and most likely have an open floor plan in their own home.

The next thing I noticed was the books that were stored underneath the TV. They were mostly consisting of fiction romance novels, so firstly the wife loves to read (yes, the wife I could explain why but it would take a while) and is a hopeless romantic. Either she is not getting the romance she used to out of her marriage to her husband because they have been together a while, or she just likes to fantasize.

At first, because of the flowery decor etc. I thought it might be a condo owned by a single middle-aged woman, however I soon found that was incorrect and corrected myself. The condo had in fact been owned by the same family of three since 2003. (I got the date out of the welcome book, but the rest is deduction.)

So, how did I know it was a family of three? There are no signs of children around the condo which is something you would expect out of a rental place, but there was a set of well-played games stored away in a closet with enough for three players. There was also a booster seat in the back of the closet, clearly not left there for other people’s convenience. However, since I deduced this is a middle-aged couple and because they have owned the condo so long, the child has since grown up, so these things are stored away. It could be a family of four, but there would be more evidence of another child if it was, so I really think it is only one child.

There were two locked closets in the condo, so they value privacy and don’t want people using their personal things while renting.

One member of the family has a fascination with birds and likely bird watches while he is there (yes I think it’s the husband, again could explain but would take a while) based on the number of bird related items in the condo and the fact that it is on the top floor.

I could probably sit here and think of some more I noticed but my main goal was to figure out the age of the family and how many of them there were while I was there, and I accomplished that just by looking around a little.

ok deduction ramble over :)




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