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Topic: Room Deductions 1

none of the pictures on my blog are mine by the way

Topics of Discussion:

Explanation of how room deduction blogs will work

Subject 1: Desk Area

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Explanation of How Room Deduction Blogs Will Work

I have been thinking for a while how to best explain room deductions. Other items such as shoes or individual items on a person are easy to explain in words, whereas I am running into trouble on how to explain rooms. Room contain so much information and it is important to understand how to read them. So, what I have come up with is each week that I am doing a room deduction I will add a picture of a room that I have already deduced and explain in detail where I got those conclusions. This will be teaching/explaining through example and is how I learned at the start of my training.

To do this however, I will need the help of my readers. If you could send me pictures of your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, any room in your living space, I would appreciate it. I will do my best to deduce it in messages to you and you will either confirm or deny my conclusions. I will then make it clear what I got right and wrong in the blog entry as to maintain honesty regarding my own abilities and maybe show you where sometimes things can go wrong even with a seasoned deductionist. Sometimes I get nearly everything right and other times I end up missing things but, “There is no right or wrong. You’re either right or you learn something.”

If you would like to participate please message me privately with a picture. If I don’t have enough variety of pictures I will be forced to move on from rooms and go to the next item on my physical objects list. I would really like not to resort to boring images from google that could possibly be deduced if they aren’t just a stock photo. If I get more pictures throughout this physical objects series I will add another room deduction blog in-between things. I can always do a blog on an individual item and come back to rooms when I have images but please do help me out and send some things!

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Subject 1: Desk Area

Desks is the area I have the most already deduced and confirmed images. Therefore, I will start with that for this week. I will include two here that have been obtained from Reddit, which is a public site (and the pictures were posted publicly) so I feel comfortable including these images here. If either of the people who own these images reads my blog and would like me to remove your image I will. I will only include images that are either accessible through a public sites/domains or that I have been given permission to include.

Example 1:

This is what I sent: You’re a Female, teenager most likely between the ages of 14 and 19. You enjoy art a lot, might even be taking an art class. You’re sentimental and like a semi-clean space, but have trouble keeping it clean. Right-handed and either from Minnesota or you have been there and enjoy it. Do you have an English test coming up? Even if it’s not English you do have something coming up soon that you’re studying for. You use glasses for class work, and this is your main workspace for homework and art projects. You enjoy a more girly style of decor and clothing but isn’t overly girly. I’d say middle class family and because you are still in school you don’t have a job. You care about your appearance and do wear some every once and a while but not often.

The reply: (from her sister) She’s a teenager, 14 to be exact so you got that right. She likes art a lot and used to take classes but doesn’t anymore. I’d say she’s very sentimental, but she’ll deny it. Her room is never clean and yet she can easily find things. She is right-handed and we have family in Minnesota that we visit every blue moon. She had an English quiz a day before the picture went up, so you were also correct on that. She uses the glasses (which are blue light glasses) for school work since it’s all online. She uses the desk for everything. She is not girly and does not want to associate with “being girly” though. She also rarely does her makeup and if she does it’s just mascara and maybe some eyeliner. Good job you got it almost perfectly :)

This one was mostly correct. I only messed up a little on the makeup thing and the girly style. I specifically got the girly style wrong because I was looking at the overall color scheme and not looking at how her personality is in general.

Now to explain where I got my information: I got teenager because of the notecards and study cards on the desk. These are specifically geared more toward teenager rather than early adults in most study settings and I connected that with the other decor style to come up with a relative age range. The art enjoyment came from the cutting board (which is used with an exacto knife) and the multiple sketchbooks. The may have taken an art class or be in an art class came from the fact that someone of that age wouldn’t go out and buy one of those board unless they are dedicated to art, which comes down to either class or just does art a lot and class is the most likely option with the amount of schoolwork someone of her age most likely has. The sentimentality came from the stuffed animals. People who are less sentimental don’t have items like this lying around. Less sentimental people tend to be more minimalistic in their decor and only display things that also have a function in most cases. Of course, there are exceptions but this specific decor screams sentimental. The clean space comes from the fact that the area is in fact clean. This picture doesn’t appear to be posed. So even if they have trouble keeping it clean (based on the slight clutter in the corner) they try to keep the desk clean. Right-handed because most thing that require movement or action are on the right side. Also, the handle of the mug is toward the right. The state on the mug is Minnesota so either lives there or has been there. English test/quiz coming up came from the cards and the word on the top is English related. The glasses are used for class work because they are in a spot where they aren’t grabbed a lot unless she is sitting at the desk. So not visual impairment, just for class work or could’ve been reading glasses. Middle class family came from the entire picture. If she was higher class she would have fancier items and if lower class wouldn’t have some of the items that are there. Of course, there are exceptions to this too, I simply went with the most logical solution. She cares about her appearance because of the mirror sitting there. There are also makeup brushes but no makeup so only used sometimes.

Example 2:

This what I sent: You’re neat, like to keep things in their place. I do think you have a cat. You are short, either late teens or early 20s. You are very interested in technology, specifically robots. I also think you are into video games. I believe that is a robot from the game Portal on the desk. You like art and have done some art. You are also into the retro style just a little bit. I think based on the time on the clock you do not live in Europe, you either live in the US or another country close to the US. You are right-handed and might be a student. I think this is where you do most of whatever work you are doing but like I said you do like to keep the area clean.

The reply: You got pretty much everything spot on! I’m impressed! A few comments- You got the US part right, but the time on the clock is actually inaccurate because it runs too slow, and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. I am no longer a student. And yes, I do prefer for things to be orderly, but I’m not very good at keeping it that way. This is what it looks like after a day and a half of reorganizing, haha. You got everything else right, so nice work!

Explanation of where I got the information: They are neat for the same reason as the last image. This image wasn’t staged, it was already near like this. They did mention the have trouble keeping it this way though so not as neat as I initially thought and they did say this was after a good bit of cleaning. They have a cat because of the cats on the pencil bag. Either they have a cat, or they really like cats and would like one. Short because of the pillow in the chair. They have lowered it as far as it can go and still have to sit on a pillow to be high enough for the desk. Age because of the sort of retro style but they are still younger because of their organization system. People of different ages have different ways they organize things. I explained the video game/ robot thing in what I initially sent so I won’t explain it here. You can tell they have done and like art because of the art pens toward the upper side of the picture. These pens are specifically meant for art and were bought as a set. I based area of living because of the time on the clock relative or the time this was posted and the current time it was where I am. Right-handed because, like the last one, all of the things that require motion or action are placed on the right. This is where they do most of their work because of how many items are on the desk.

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I hope this helps and please send me pictures!

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Next Blog: Room Deductions 2 (if I get pictures) (if I don’t get pictures: Deductions from Shoes)

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Disclaimer: I teach people inductive/deductive reasoning and related topics. Most of the information on my blog comes from my own experiences and observations but some of it will also come from various different sources and is just information I use. I don’t claim ownership of information from other sources.

I have been studying these mindsets religiously for a while now and have been practicing memory techniques since I was in the sixth grade. However, I too am still learning. So if you have any suggestions or comments that are helpful to others that I neglect to mention please do so in the comments. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about these techniques. This blog is for educational purposes for me and the readers.

There are several books on the topics which I cover in my blogs. I can send you my working book list if you would like to read them. If you are interested message me.

Also, if you want a source for daily deduction practice material message me.




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