Observation/ Deduction Blog Entry 40

Topic: Introduction to Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

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Topics of Discussion:


General Information So Far

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As with all introduction posts to series on my blog this will just be a general overview of what is to come and will therefore be shorter.

I think this specific series requires explanation of what I am doing because this will be run a bit differently than my previous series. For this series I am going to basically be relaying my research and conclusions about handwriting deduction to you as I am learning.

This specific topic is one I haven’t researched or learned about but I have been meaning to learn about it. I have some opinions on this topic which I will share as well. This is a good series to send me things you might want to contribute to the blogs! (I will give credit.)

I think taking the time to write things out to my readers as I am learning myself will be an interesting concept that I wanted to try and I hope you enjoy this!

If you would like to send my handwriting samples I would really appreciate it!

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General Information So Far

I have a few opinions on the use of handwriting analysis in deduction already. There is great skepticism regarding the accuracy of this subject among the deductionist community and I too have found myself being skeptical of how well this can work. However, I keep an open mind and we will see how well handwriting analysis works in deduction as we learn together through this series.

Mainly, for this blog I want to share what I know so far about graphology and a bit of where I intend future blogs to go for this topic.

Everything I’ll mention here will be the main focus of investigation for the first few blogs of this series before I move to other parts of the handwriting topic.

I put up a post on my Instagram that I’ll share from a while ago where I asked people to deduce a handwriting sample that I knew the correct answers to.

I had some interesting responses to this challenge, but at the time I really knew nothing at all about handwriting deductions. I was surprised some of the reasonings behind the conclusions, such as angles of the writing I hadn’t considered. I was also surprised that, this writing being from a left-handed person, it would be read as from a right-handed person because of the angle. Answers to some of the questions why this might be, are things I intend to write about in future blogs on this topic and intend to learn about for myself.

I also want to share a technique that was shared with me when inquiring about how handwriting deductions were done from this person’s perspective.

To give a little context, I had sent handwriting of my own in a group chat and this person explained how they deduced information about me from that. I’ll quote what he told me below:

“The process for mine is a bit different to how most people look at handwriting- I focus more on what is written instead of looking too in-depth at certain loops and stuff like that. (I don’t disregard it, it’s just not the main focus.)”

This, as a concept, is something I had never considered before. I have found that I works pretty well! However, I haven’t done too much experimenting with it and I do intend to investigate this idea more in-depth and dedicate a blog entry to this.

Another small snippet of information that I want to share is something I recently learned and intend to explore further as this series moves along.

I recently learned that placement of words on a page can tell you about a person. There is evidence to show that people who write more in an upper zone, with emphasis being toward the top of their letters, focus more on mental aspects of life, tend to be more introverted. People who write very centered are more social. Then people who have a lower zone emphasis might have a stronger need for material things.

Personally, having just learned this, these are VERY specific and I do think they should be taken in context. I intend to do more research on this to determine if it fits and that will be the main focus of my next blog entry on this topic.

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I know this has been a bit different from my previous introduction blogs for series topics and might sound like I just piled snippets of random information on you. However, there is a method to the madness. It is different because I am learning as I write these. As I mentioned above, the pieces of information I have mentioned to you in this blog will be the focus of investigation for my next few blogs on this topic. I will take each and experiment with them myself to then write an informational blog on them, like my previous series have been. After those, I will look further into other aspects of graphology. I know this specific blog might have sounded like rambling, but I did choose the name of my blog “ramblings of a deductionist” for a reason haha. I do intend to narrow these down and investigate them further and produce blogs like you are used to seeing, I’m just going about this series a bit differently. I do hope you find this style of blogging interesting and I hope you will contribute your thoughts!

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Next Blog: Book Review 6: Visual Intelligence by Amy E. Herman

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Disclaimer: I teach people inductive/deductive reasoning and related topics. Most of the information on my blog comes from my own experiences and observations but some of it will also come from various different sources and is just information I use. I don’t claim ownership of information from other sources.

I have been studying these mindsets religiously for a while now and have been practicing memory techniques since I was in the sixth grade. However, I too am still learning. So if you have any suggestions or comments that are helpful to others that I neglect to mention please do so in the comments. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about these techniques. This blog is for educational purposes for me and the readers.

There are several books on the topics which I cover in my blogs. I can send you my working book list if you would like to read them. If you are interested message me.

Also, if you want a source for daily deduction practice material message me.




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