Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down

PAR92921(KAR1970001W00544/07A)© Richard Kalvar/Magnum Photos

We all know the nursery rhyme, don’t we? Ring a ring a rosie… Sad isn’t it? That we teach our children to sing such sad songs with a smile on our face.

Well not really but what is disturbing to me is how we, the product of billions of conscious souls before us, stagnate so profoundly well. I mean it’s just about the only thing humanity is outrageously good at — not learning a goddamned thing and preventing anyone else from doing it any differently.

Today, walking back from university I overheard two security guards behind a fruit and veg. stand speaking of how our knowledge years ago was real and how we knew what we were fighting for; we had vision and we could execute it as such — a beautiful and respectful discussion between two different humans on the South African struggle. Moments earlier I saw a stranger walk up to a weeping student and for the first time in a long while I heard someone ask and actually mean,

……………uhm, are you alright?”

And yet I proceeded to reply to my own morning greetings with a prerecorded, “Fine thanks, you?” as I hurried off to continue my day’s missions.

People don’t care about people.

But that’s a lie, some do and some don’t (just like the answer to most human behavior questions).

The thing that makes me hate people — that makes me hate us and in turn myself, is that while my tear filled eyes and warm heart revel in the increasing signs of consciousness and bare-moral humanity, soldiers are being trained, weapon designs are being refined and tested. The chessboards are packed and lives are taken at each turn. All in the name of nationality, pride and someone’s idea of what should not be tolerated.

This has all happened once before, countless times in fact, but with a pocket full of posies we will all fall down again because while History repeats herself we will all deafen ourselves to her voice and proceed to sing the woes of tomorrow in complete disarray.