Faux Post : Congress reveals psychological campaigning methods employed by BJP, appeals to EC

The Congress is becoming nervous ahead of the Bihar polls. This was clear when they asked the EC to take ‘Mann ki Baat’- the radio programme of the Prime Minister aired on Sundays-off air. The EC refused to comply with the request, but a dogged Congress has identified other avenues through which they feel BJP is influencing voters secretly. Congress representatives have claimed that BJP has tied up with a renowned management consulting company to send out subliminal messages to voters ahead of the Bihar legislative polls. Manish Tewari has even come up with a name for it, calling it the Below the line Campaign Ghotala (BCG-gate), while asking the EC to look into the matter.

From what we could pick up from several sources is that after master strategist Amit Shah’s plans did not work out in Delhi, the BJP decided to enlist the services of a strategy consulting firm to consolidate its position in the Hindi Heartland. As part of it, the said firm has drawn up an elaborate scheme of innovative marketing communication practices. For example, Anubhav Yadav, a resident of Shamsher Nagar village, said, “I am frankly surprised by the sudden proliferation of lotuses in my pond. Although the pond does look very pretty now, I have been spending sleepless nights thanks to some people who keep coming to my house offering to clean my pond. I even woke up one night to find them putting out fish nets in the pond.”

A lot of people in and around Patna have also said that there has been a rise in the saffron hue in their surroundings. Unassuming objects like banners and hoardings have become increasingly saffron tinged. All the people we spoke to could not deny that the associations with BJP were strong.

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These aren’t the voters you are looking for…[/caption]

Says General Secretary Digvijay Singh, “They are employing BTB (below the belt) campaigning methods. Our Party President Mrs. Gandhi finds it all very disturbing. Ever since that weirdo Sitaram Yechury gave her a copy of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci’s Code, she has been wary of symbolism of any kind.”

However, the most controversial claims of the Congress are related to the radio program by the Prime Minister. Congress has alleged that the program implants messages in the sub-consciousness of listeners using hidden frequencies, forcing them to support BJP even without knowing it. Unconfirmed reports say Rahul Gandhi was the mastermind behind the claim.

Meanwhile, Mallika Sherawat has announced that she would start a radio programme herself, titled “Tann Ki Baat” . One Congress official said on conditions of anonymity that he did not have a problem with Mallika’s program, but expressed disappointment that the show was on radio and not television.

Subramanian Swamy,with a sly wink, had the most definite say on the matter. He tweeted, “It seems saffron has become a state of mind. #SurrealSaffron ;)”