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RAMP Defi Integrates with Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet integration with RAMP Defi

We are thrilled to announce the integration with Coinbase Wallet, a self-custody wallet used to store, manage, trade, and swap multi-chain, multi-source digital assets.

Starting today, users will be able to connect their Coinbase Wallet Browser Extension to the RAMP platform and start borrowing, lending, staking, and providing liquidity.

Explore RAMP with ease

Coinbase Wallet is your passport to the decentralized web. Harness the power of DeFi to earn yield, generate multiple earning streams and much more:

  • Use DeFi liquidity pools to supply or borrow crypto
  • Swap assets on decentralized exchanges
  • Join a DAO and help shape a major web3 project

About Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is your key to the world of crypto. With Coinbase’s self-custody wallet, you are in complete control of your crypto. Coinbase Wallet enables you to store all of your crypto and NFTs in one place, trade over 4,000 tokens, and access an entire world of dapps across the most popular blockchain networks, and it’s all backed by Coinbase’s industry-leading security.

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