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RAMP to LEVER: Expected Timeline

We are excited to share that the transition of RAMP DEFI to LeverFi (Lever Finance) has been met with overwhelming approval from the RAMP DAO proposal, with 99.5% of token holders voting a YES for the proposed 2022 Roadmap!

To provide more clarity for our community, we are excited to present an indicative timeline of events for the transition of RAMP to LeverFi below.

The transition is expected to take place between April to June 2022.

April 2022

  • Daily reduction of RAMP emissions for RAMP single asset vaults to zero over 8 weeks, starting from 1 April 2022 until 26 May 2022 UTC 01:00.
  • Daily reduction of all other RAMP emissions to zero over 2 weeks, starting from 1 April 2022 until 14 April 2022 UTC 01:00.
  • The above applies to all chains that RAMP is deployed on. Staking rewards will subsequently be given out from the RAMP to LEVER token swap contract to incentivize users to participate in the swap.
  • Alignment of Polygon vaults parameters to be identical with Binance Smart Chain (minimum collateralization ratio: 135% and liquidation ratio: 130%) starting 7 April UTC 01:00.
  • Prepare LEVER token contract for audit.
  • Prepare RAMP to LEVER token swap contract for audit.
  • Launch of the LeverFi website, Telegram group, Twitter and other community channels.

May 2022

  • LeverFi product design and documentation for public release.
  • Expected audit completion for LEVER token contract and RAMP to LEVER token swap contract.
  • RAMP to LEVER token swap contract to be deployed with staking rewards. Users may deposit RAMP into the token swap contract to earn staking rewards, while pending the token swap to LEVER.

June 2022

  • LeverFi product code audit expected to start.
  • LeverFi bug bounty program expected to start.
  • RAMP to LEVER token swap targeted for late June 2022, subject to approvals from exchange partners.

Join the RAMP Community!

Backed by world-class investors, RAMP is a collateralized stablecoin lending platform that helps users unlock liquidity from yield-bearing assets.

Users earn yield on their collateral staked within the RAMP platform, and mint rUSD stablecoin liquidity for use at the same time.

RAMP is launching LeverFi, a new innovative leveraged trading platform, and will also be doing a token swap to LEVER, in 2022.

Users can access the RAMP token on:

Binance | FTX (Futures) | PancakeSwap | Uniswap | Gate.io | MXC | Bittrex

If you are interested to participate in our community and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Discord | Medium

For partnerships, media, or other collaboration opportunities, please email team@rampdefi.com.



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