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rUSD Minter and rUSD-BUSD Vault Now Live. Join Us As A Liquidity Provider Today!

We are excited to share that the rUSD Minter for Binance Smart Chain is now live!

Users can mint rUSD against the supported assets in RAMP V2 app: https://appv2.rampdefi.com

rUSD Token Address:

rUSD-BUSD FLIP LP Token Address:

We hope RAMP users and our community can be the first to start minting rUSD and becoming liquidity providers to lay the foundations for the protocol’s success.

How to Utilize the rUSD Minter and Participate in the rUSD-BUSD Vault As a Liquidity Provider

Please reference the following user guide:


Empowering rUSD Liquidity with DEX Transactions and Fiat-Backed Stablecoins

To power rUSD liquidity against other stablecoins, we are launching two core liquidity pools on Binance Smart Chain:

1) rUSD-BUSD on Pancake Swap

  • This pool allow users to directly execute exchange transactions using rUSD to purchase tokens such as RAMP, CAKE, NRV etc.
  • Sufficient rUSD-BUSD liquidity depth will allow rUSD to act like any other stablecoin and allow the purchase of tokens using rUSD directly with little to no slippage.
  • Initial liquidity of 200,000 rUSD and 200,000 BUSD has been seeded into this liquidity pool.

2) rUSD-3Pool on Nerve Finance (coming soon)

  • This pool allow users to directly execute stablecoin swap transactions using rUSD with BUSD, USDT and USDC.
  • Sufficient rUSD-3Pool liquidity depth means that users can easily swap between rUSD and other fiat-backed stablecoins with little to no slippage, and access fiat-based stablecoins for a variety of purposes including CEX trading, yield farming, or even transact into fiat for personal purposes.
  • rUSD-3Pool is expected to launch within the month of April.

Important Note: As the above liquidity pools are small in size in the initial stages, there are material slippages involved in sizable swaps between rUSD and other stablecoins. We strongly encourage our community to become liquidity providers in the early stages to grow liquidity pool depth, rather than swap rUSD for other tokens.

New Vaults To Launch Alongside Growth in rUSD Liquidity Depth

As the rUSD liquidity pools growth deeper, we expect to add more vaults into RAMP V2, allowing users from other protocols to also participate in unlocking liquidity from their yield-generating assets even as they earn rewards.

An example can be to allow liquidity providers for CAKE-BNB holders, who are currently earning ~73% APR, to extract liquidity from their tokens while retaining the majority of the APR they are enjoying.

We are excited to share that we will start supporting new vaults, especially vaults for projects partnered with RAMP and with a farm on Pancake, alongside the growth in rUSD liquidity depth.

Yield Sharing and “Positive Debt”

A yield share of 2–3% is levied for liquidity unlocking to reward liquidity providers.

As an example, if a Pancake farm is earning 73% APR, a user will continue to earn 70% APR while the assets are deposited in RAMP.

That said, because we use auto-compounding vaults, the auto-compounding will likely result in users earning a higher ROI on an annual basis. In the above scenario, auto-compounding of a 70% APR results in a 201% APY, which means users earn a higher ROI despite yield sharing with the protocol.

This means that “borrowing costs” will likely become non-existent for users, or even become “borrowing gains” for users because the resultant APY after compounding exceeds the original APR.

This can be considered a form of “positive debt”.

Between a positive debt profile and additional liquidity, we expect users to be able to use RAMP to substantially leverage the value of their yield generating assets for outsized outcomes.

Join the RAMP DEFI Community

Backed by world-class investors, RAMP DEFI is a global decentralized finance solution that focuses on unlocking liquid capital from staked digital assets. Using the RAMP solution, users with staked assets can continue to receive staking rewards, retain capital appreciation potential on their staked portfolio, and unlock liquid capital to invest in new opportunities at the same time.

The total staking market cap as of today is over USD300 billion, and as the industry-leading solution, RAMP DEFI has a vision of unlocking USD1 billion or more in “Total Value Unlocked (TVU)” for users by end 2021.

Users who wish to access the RAMP token may do so on:

If you are interested to follow RAMP DEFI and get in touch with the project team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

For partnerships, media or other collaboration opportunities, please email: team@rampdefi.com.




RAMP lets users deposit assets for yield returns, and borrow against these assets at the same time to get extra liquidity. Its stablecoin, rUSD liquidity can also be moved seamlessly across the network.

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