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Family Business

The family that works together stays together.

Alexander Martin
Agency Magazine
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9 min readJun 12, 2024


Hundo Expansion: Garage

“So, what’s on the agenda for today, Hun?” I asked as I came down the stairs.

“Well, we got that meeting with the new boss,” Helen said as she turned on the coffee machine.

“Really?” I asked as I took out the bacon.

“Yeah, she is making the rounds,” Helen sighed. “I wonder if she will be like the others.”

“I hope not,” I replied. “They were a pain to deal with, but so far, it looks like she will be better.”

I heard the monitor chime for the driveway.

We both looked at the screen and saw a car pull in.

“Your brother’s here,” I sighed.

“Don’t,” Helen said as we walked toward the garage.

“I am just saying its always something with him,” I said as his car pulled into the garage.



Alexander Martin
Agency Magazine

I like to write detailed erotic stories. I love to tell a story of how, when and where.