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Playing The Game Chapter One: The Players

He had it good, but did he know what was coming for him and what consequences were in store for his decisions?

Alexander Martin
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16 min readJun 12, 2024


I walked into my apartment and threw my stuff on the couch. ‘Another day down,’ I thought as I went into the bathroom to clean up.

I worked in the subway. It was an okay job. Occasionally, I got some punk who didn’t want to pay the fair, and I would have to get all in their faces, but for the most part, my job as security was easy. I just stood there and looked mean.

Today was the start of my weekend. I never got the usual Saturday and Sunday off. My two days were Tuesday and Wednesday, which wasn’t bad, but it was smack in the middle of the week.

The best thing of all was that my boss never bothered me. If someone didn’t show up, that was too bad. He always said, ‘Days off were a premium,’ so he never bothered anyone.

I got showered and sat on the couch looking at the tube when the door knocked. “It’s open,” I yelled, knowing who it was; only a few people in the city knew where I lived and wanted to visit me, and one of them was Shelly, my neighbor across the hall.



Alexander Martin
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