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Vivek Teega
Jan 10, 2018 · 6 min read

Date: 10th January 2018

Location: Alam Puri Art Museum Villa, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Assignment: FLO Blockchain Contract

9:45-10:50 am
Breakfast and team meet — Breakfast at Alam Puri Villa is served in the terrace restaurant, overlooking sumptuous gardens and pool, from 8am-10am. I am forced to go against my nature and get up early. Still, nothing to complain about, the days actually feel longer and more productive when I get up early.


The food here is great and freshly made to order. Mushroom cheese omelette, toast and a fruit platter FTW!! One day I was feeling adventurous and tried the mie goreng, basically stir fried veggies & noodles. Delicious!

Our team usually has breakfast together, we discuss the agenda for the day and prioritise what has to be done. The discussions also turn to topics on life in general, religion, travelling, love life, career decisions, etc. My colleagues are very well travelled, the founder, for example, has been to about 120 countries, living cheap and experiencing things just like the locals. As a 23 year old who hasn’t travelled much, its interesting to listen to the crazy travel stories and outlook on life.

Today we talked about career decisions and how important it is to keep options open in life until you are sure about what you want to do. After my high school I was almost going to join a music college in India to pursue a career as a guitarist. Admittedly, the idea was an expression of teenage rebellion. Instead I reluctantly applied and got into a computer science graduation programme. Looking back it seems like I made a wise decision. After all, having completed my degree in computer science, I can still make the decision to pursue music full time, but now it would come from a place of mental maturity and financial stability and choice.

Team discussions

The breakfast meanderings also touched on how important marketing is for any enterprise. Marketing normally has a bad reputation as it’s associated with manipulation. To us, at Ranchi Mall marketing is just about sharing what we are doing. Ranchi Mall’s focus till now has been on core product development. We wanted to build a strong foundation, as a profitable company from Day 1 with good products in our repertoire. Now that we have Blockchain Contracts making up our roadmap, we’re ready to put ourselves out to the public.

11:00 am-12:40 pm
Work session in the villa —
Once back in the villa, I make a list of things to be done everyday. My mind wanders a LOT and it really helps to have a physical list of the things to complete sitting beside my laptop.

Today’s list is :

  • Medium post “FLO Blockchain Contract @ Ranchi Mall — Introduction” — I was recently made the administrator of the FLO Blockchain Contract. I am writing a Medium article introducing it with details of all the projects in it. The article will serve as a reference for our investors considering putting their RMTs on the contract. It will describe what the project is about, the milestones, the contract administrator, etc. This puts some pressure on me but it also holds me accountable as the administrator, because all the milestones and objectives for the contract are listed publicly.
  • Medium post “A day at Ranchi Mall Bali office” — This is the post you are reading right now. Rohit asked me to document a day at the office, so here it is.
  • Go through FLO source code — We need to understand how FLO is handling transaction comments so that appropriate changes can be made to ElectrumX.
Quick work session before hitting the pool

Margot Borden, communications Blockchain Contract administrator, is also a psychotherapist, coach and author. She enjoys diving into work immediately after breakfast and before hitting the pool. She spends a few hours writing and helping us edit our articles from Indian Hinglish to proper English. Today she is working on a Medium article on the Art Arsande project under Ranchi Mall L’Art Blockchain Contract.

12:45-2:15 pm
Time to hit the pool!

Swimming pool next to the Terrace restaurant, library and spa

All of us in the team absolutely love being in the water. We spend at least an hour in the pool everyday. For me personally, I’m more productive after some kind of physical activity. My body gets warmed up taking away any lethergy and I feel energised for the rest of the day. I’ve also noticed that on the days I swim, I sleep more deeply and need less sleep.

Even though we have two private pools in our villa, it’s fun to go the common pool and socialise with other guests. I met Chunani from Japan today. She is solo travelling in Bali for a week.

2:45-8 pm
Work at the villa —
Today’s priority is getting the Medium articles done. It’s monsoon season in Bali now and I’m glad it doesn't rain as much as in Mumbai. It rains for a few hours and the sun comes out again. Anyway, I’ll get back to work now, the Ranchi Mall FLO Blockchain Contract article will be very time consuming.

Boss snuck up and took a photo of me working

8-10:30 pm
Dinner and a break
Today our boss cooked for all of us. His cooking principle is ,” Forget everything any cook has ever told you. Just put some oil in a pan, chop whatever vegetables you find, throw in some spices, add a grain, any grain, apply common sense and something good will come out of it.”

Chef Rohit Tripathy

Margot named his dish “vegetable rice sludge”. Honestly, I got a little worried when I heard his cooking principle but the dish came out well. Accompanied by some local Indonesian chutneys and crunchy namkeen sent by my mom, we had a real blast!

After dinner, I spent some time playing piano on my phone and watching videos on YouTube. I particularly enjoyed ‘Musician explains one concept in 5 levels of difficulty’ featuring Jacob Collier and Herbie Hancock. Jacob is a genius. He is 23, has won a Grammy award for his debut album ‘In My Room’, has given guest lectures at Berkeley College of Music, was an MIT resident student (his time there was turned into a documentary) and is a super humble human being. Off to work now.

10:50–3 am
I’ve more or less finished writing the articles and will re-read them in the morning, check with Margot and hit ‘publish’.

The bed beckons...

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I work as a developer with Ranchi Mall, vivek.teega@gmail.com

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