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Rohit Tripathy
Feb 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Day 1: 8 February 2018 — Scottsdale, Arizona to Kohl’s Ranch, Arizona

Day 1, February 8, 2018, Opening Video

After a wonderful, exciting and inspiring month in Bali developing , the first blockchain resort in the world, my travel bug started to niggle at me. Invitations to speak and possibilities for new in the U.S. got a grip on me. The 24 hours of transit from Bali to Phoenix, my U.S. base, didn’t sound too exciting so I opted for a stopover in Kuala Lumpur to experience an evening out and full night’s rest before catching my flight to … and Honolulu, my next stopover. Many fond memories of time spent in Kauai a few years back beckoned me to exit the airport and spend the better part of a day exploring Waikiki Beach. My preferred mode of transport is city bus for the human experience. On this occasion, I was not disappointed. When I got to the airport information counter, I asked the woman working there how to get to Waikiki Beach. She not only gave me all the information I requested with a warm smile, but she gave me change from her own wallet to cover the bus fare.

Picture: Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii from sky

Fifty-two hours after leaving Ranchi Mall Blockchain Alam Puri Art Museum, Spa and Resort, I arrived in Phoenix. Open invitations and the open road called loud and clear to my free spirit. After a week in Phoenix attending to my U.S. business affairs, I opened, booked myself a luxury car. My friend Margot and her mother Diana love road trips as much as I do so we piled in the car and left their Scottsdale home this afternoon and now, here we are, sitting by a roaring fire in the lodge at Kohl’s Ranch near Payson, Arizona.

The weather says snow and storms and my Facebook post has given way to invitations to speak about and start up Blockchain Contracts across the U.S.

I’ll no doubt follow my motto of taking my time, letting things emerge and going with the flow. For now, that means soaking up the warmth of the fire with its snaps and cracks and the ambient cowboy music wafting through tinny-sounding speakers until my eyelids call for what will undoubtedly be a good night’s rest.

Picture: Evening light in Mogollon Rim

For now, we are three on the tour, feel free to join us on the road or call us to your city for a techie-finance-blockchain-fest… the more the merrier.

Day 1, Evening Video

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