Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract — not a timeshare!

Rohit Tripathy
Feb 23, 2018 · 5 min read

A few days ago in Las Vegas, I had the occasion to experience a sales pitch made by one of the leading timeshare groups in the world. After 90 minutes of presentation during which I was strategically asked questions to which I could only answer yes — yes, I like the resort, yes, I like travel, yes… yes… yes… — I finally got the answer to my persistent request for the facts and figures. The salesmanship was emotional and psychological manipulation leading to the customer being coerced into an impulse of an overpriced product which has led to a bad reputation for the timeshare industry.

Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract Might Look Like a Timeshare, but it isn’t.

When I started floating the initial feelers for the Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract, I got a very strong pushback from my small test group with whom I shared the idea claiming it was a timeshare scam/scheme in disguise. I am writing this article to explain how Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract is quite the opposite of a timeshare.

While, on the face of it, timeshares and Ranchi Mall Blockchain Real Estate Contract may have some similarities, the differences are fundamental. Timeshares use a system in which they convert your money into points which are then exchanged for room nights. Ranchi Mall has a system called Ranchi Mall tokens which is primarily an investment in an asset which can be exchanged for room nights.

That is where the similarities start and stop. In the timeshare presentation, when I was finally given the facts and figures, it took a matter of seconds for me to do the math. The timeshare that we were presented was selling 254,000 points for a one-time payment of $65,000 for 17 nights per year in a two-bedroom suite in perpetuity. A typical two-bedroom suite costs on average 15000 points per night. That gives 17 nights per year costing roughly $480 USD per night on a ten-year annualized basis. As if that were not expensive enough, in addition to the initial investment, there is a $180 per month maintenance fee, every single month. If you multiple this by 12 months and divide it by the 17 room nights, this results in a $127 maintenance charge per room night! This means the total cost for each room night is a whopping $600 USD. The only thing that is a good deal about this is the belief the well-trained and well-groomed timeshare salespeople try to convince you you are getting. In reality, this is an untenable and unattractive scheme. Investors would realize the stupidity of it once the reality sinks in. It is fair to assume that most of the timeshare schemes are overpriced and rely on hard sell to get their business. This can only end in one result — buyer’s remorse.

In any traditional purchasing model, whether it be the unfortunate case of the age-old timeshare con or even the average purchase of anything one can buy, there is one common factor, giving one’s hard earned cash in exchange for a good or service. Now, back on the topic of real estate, Ranchi Mall, the innovator of the concept of Blockchain Contract, has created the Real Estate Blockchain Contract in line with their win-win business philosophy. Blockchain Contracts create the grounds for an entirely new paradigm in this model insofar as money invested results not only in a good or service but also serves as an investment in an asset, in the form of a unit of Blockchain Contract. These units are purchased with Ranchi Mall tokens. The units have the potential to increase in value over time under the dynamics of crypto-economics.

Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract, unlike our sad timeshare story above, is an investment asset with no recurring fees after the initial investment. Subject to a reasonable minimum like $100, the investor has to make a one-time purchase of the units of the Blockchain Contract with their Ranchi Mall tokens. The units are fully transferrable after a designated holding period which will allow the investment to add value to the properties and offering. The basic idea of this Blockchain Contract is to generate a crypto-economic model which will create real estate infrastructure for the nascent crypto-community. Investors get to participate in a crypto rate of return using all the principles of other successful crypto-currencies. These principles include: artificial scarcity of coins, a distributed ledger for accounting, no central authority for trading and transfer of coins and pure voluntary nature of interactions without coercion. Initially, we had planned that Blockchain Contract investors would be given some automatic room nights for their use, but because of the timeshare parallel, we may have to keep it as a pure investment product and the consumption rights may be purchased upon request. Unlike timeshares, we are not opening a worldwide chain of vacation resorts, but a few valuable properties will be included as the opportunities arise. The properties we invest in will be dedicated to the theme of blockchain and host a variety of blockchain related events. The idea is not to become big but to become more valuable. Each of these real estate assets would be a staging point for the Blockchain and Crypto communities so that the movement can support it. With a one-time investment into units, the investor automatically gets to participate in all of the future real estate products that Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract develops.

Given the rates of return on cryptocurrencies, one of the key objectives is to see whether the time value of investment is large enough to afford more room nights than the amount of the initial investment. How this can initially happen is that early investors will gain more.

Pricing of the investment:

In our initial scheme which we have discontinued, we treated 75% of money received as investment value which gets converted into units of Blockchain Contract that increase in value with the contract’s success and 25% as consumption value to be exchanged for room nights. Room nights that were not consumed were added into the investment value.

The current offer is that one can buy room nights for the price of $70 per room night. This includes a surcharge of 25% as an automatic investment into the Real Estate Blockchain Units. It is also possible to invest directly into the Ranchi Mall Real Estate Blockchain Contract at the current rates of exchange. There is a minimum of $100 for this investment.

This offer for Ranchi Mall Alam Puri Blockchain Contract will be valid through 31st March 2018. We will continue to make new offers as the Blockchain Contract gets new projects and properties.

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