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How to add categories and community links to your project in AlgoExplorer

AlgoExplorer Categories

AlgoExplorer is in the constant pursuit of aggregating as much project information as possible with the aim of encouraging the community to do their own informed research.

With this in mind, now project creators are able to showcase 3 new features of their project directly on AlgoExplorer for the community to know more. These are the project’s whitepaper, community links, and project category.

In the case of the whitepaper, the system allows creators to include a link to their whitepaper regardless of where it’s presented. Community links can be added in list form as well. The aim of adding community links on the asset overview page is to help users identify the correct accounts linked to each project.

The project category labels we’ve decided to include in AlgoExplorer match with Algorand’s Ecosystem page. Within Algorand’s directory, you can browse projects based on 41 different categories. Creators will be able to assign up to 3 of these categories for their projects on AlgoExplorer.

Adding new features to unverified projects

Once the creator logs in to AlgoExplorer and they verify their creator address, they will be able to see the assets created under that address.

When the creator goes to verify the asset using the corresponding button, they will see the new pop up window for verification requirements including the previous items as well as options for whitepaper, community links, and category.

Upon approval of the verification process, the information will be visible to all users through AlgoExplorer.

Adding new features to already verified projects

For creators that have already gone through the verification process for their assets, when logging in to AlgoExplorer, they will see their verified assets have an Edit button.

When this option is selected, the familiar verification pop-up screen will be displayed and here the creator can add the new parameters or change previous ones if they so desire. The modification request will be reviewed by the AlgoExplorer team and the creator will be notified of the status.

Having more information clearly available for our community members will help them make informed comparisons and decision-making will be greatly benefitted. This is how the asset profile will look to all users when visualizing an asset in AlgoExplorer.

Soon, the asset category field will be used as a baseline for further exploration possibilities within new pages for AlgoExplorer, so stay tuned for that!



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