Does Number Make Sense ?

yes. Atleast for a short period

Say Yes, if you have heard people saying any one of given below advice

Don’t writer for others. Write for yourself

Stats are just mere number. That doesn’t add value

Don’t hack the system to get more reads

Deep down my heart I know tricking a system to get more audience is ethically wrong. But why many newbies like me don’t mind repeating this mistake? Is it become an overnight success? hell No.

When I start something new I need quick appreciation to make sure that I am on the right track. Just tap on shoulder increase the moral boost.

Though measuring success through likes and recommendation are not the right metrics. But I strongly feel visible numbers play a major role in habit formation.

That’s why applications like Rewire helps to continue the momentum. where they tie the habit chain with the reward system.

Companies like duolingo and Product Hunt notifies their users how many continues days we have used their product.

Companies gaming the System.

By this way, we don’t break the streak and using the product become yet another activity like checking FB and Twitter.

As Tim Ferriss told when we tie reward system properly with habit it makes it easy to adopt and incorporate. After a period of time, we no longer need rewards, our habit becomes a default.

Though habit building and seeking attention for creative works are not similar. Rather it shares a common mechanism.

That’s why most people drop out of gym within 1st or 2nd month. When results are not visible there is a high chance of discontinuing.

I am not trying to say hacking the system for the sake of attention is right. But it’s not totally unacceptable.

Newbie’s can trick the system for attention.
But just know when to STOP it.