Reasons For Not Writing Regularly

(Evils take on writing)

Like most Medium readers, incorporating writing habit into daily life style has been one of my long time goal.

Every time I set the target I miss it terribly. As a born wanterpreneur my evil mind comes with great convincing reason why I don’t need to write.

  • No one reads your blog posts. If you don’t believe me just go to “Stats” page and see yourself.
  • There are better writers in any given subject(writing, business, marketing,self help)
  • You don’t have anything interesting to say. Watching classic movies(12 angry man) and reading inspiring stories doesn’t make you interesting.
  • Most of time you are projecting something which you are not in real life
  • You don’t have a your own voice or angle to add for the story.
  • Your grammar knowledge sucks
  • Don’t write for the sake of writing
  • You are not writer, you are just trying to make some cash using writing

Though I know writing is not the tough part. Making our-self accountable for writing is the single most hurdle I think everyone would face.

I don’t have any solution for this problem. But I though sharing my problem may make some my fellow writers to feel that they are not alone.

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