Recent Change In Google Adwords & Facebook Ad

Just heads up for marketers on recent change happened in PPC campaigns.

Google Extended Text:

For long time google has restricted the number of character to be displayed on Adwords Headline and description.

After watching huge increase in mobile search, Google has taken step to improve better readability for customers.

In older version marketers are restricted to 25 character in Headline and 35 character for description. Now we have two headlines with 30 characters and one description with 80 characters(30+30+80=140). Yes Google making search as much similar to tweets and links. So that it won’t annoy it’s user with sponsored ads.

Extended Text Sample

Since we have increased character set. Now it possible for marketers to convey the ad copy to be more detailed and increasing Click Through Rate.

Facebook Removed barrier

As Gary Vaynerchuk told FB platform is the number one place for customer acquisition. FB has one small restriction for running ad campaigns. 20% text rule over campaign images.

FB ad campaigns can have only 20% text over images. But with recent change FB allows us to run campaign with any amount of text over images.

Though text restriction has been removed. Facebook clearly says that reach of campaign can be affected if it has text more than 20%.

So till it totally restrict its better stick with older rules.