Top 3 websites to learn coding for free

Whether your job related to programming or not, having some basic knowledge on coding always comes handy in many ways. Given the period we live, no wonder you may come up with the best idea for a mobile app at that time instead of waiting for technology person to build your dream. You can easily create your bare minimum prototype with some basic knowledge and little hard work.

Another good news is you don’t need to spend a penny to learn this much-needed skills. There are lots of high-quality course materials available for FREE.

Codeacademy : One of the best online place to learn from scratch. Courses like HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby. The Fun part is everything here is interactive learning. You can take any lesson at any time finish a topic. Only on answering the quiz at the end of lessons you will move to next lesson. : If you building blocks then is the perfect place to start your programming where you will learn basics of programming concepts in build blocks way. Along the way, you can build your own Flappy build app.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is one of the first sites to come up with an online course for kids and all ages. Here you can learn from basic HTML/CSS to Drawing and Animation. Apart from learning programming skills you have the option to ask your question to people who have created the course and people who have learnt programming just like you after their school or college day.

These are my top 3 websites to start learning coding skills. Let me if you have any suggestion for other free sites to learn coding.

Originally published at on August 8, 2015.