Why you should move to DuckDuckGo RIGHT NOW

You can’t skip google and use the internet. That’s the kind of domination google is having in search engine space. Next to Google, Bing plays a major role.

But still DuckDuckGo is the close competitor with his awesome search features. According Alexa rank, Google is the number 1 website where as DuckDuckGo(DDG) is ranked 508 but still gives a tough competition.

Privacy :

What differentiates DDG from other search engines is when you search and click through their search engine they send your IP address to visiting website but DDG will route (Redirect) in a way that your destination websites don’t know who you are. So you privacy is safe.

Instant Answer:

When you searching for something in DDG they will show you helpful information in the box below your search keyword. In below example when you type java you will see most related information in box and other keywords which are very similar.


One of the coolest features of DDG is Bang. In other search engines, you have to first search for required website and only after entering into the site you can search for your required item. Whereas in DDG you can do that in single search by adding “!” In front of required site domain name.

Regional search:

DDG allows you search based on your required region. For example if you want to see want kind of results appear for people in Mexico when they type your company name you can do that by changing your default region to Mexico.

In-Site Search :

Another great feature about DDG is In-Site search option. When we get a result, its not necessary to click to view more detila. We can just select “More Results” option on right corner. It will list down all the similar data in their sites.

NOT a Ad-Free Search:

DuckDuckGo is NOT ad free search engine they too make money through advertisement but in a modest way. But if you want you can turn OFF the adveraisements. User have the full control over what they want to see.

Alternative Finder:

Another cool feature of DDG is Alternative finder. When you pissed off any particular software or website and you need alternative then you can add “alternatives to” before the site or software you are hated. You will get list of similar software/websites.

URL shortener and Expander:

In a social media world, we will come across a ton of inspiring and interesting articles/videos/images which urge us to share it. Sharing in FB/Twitter or other outlets are easy. But if you want to share with you close friends, most often we share the URL something look like this “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlnCIkY1-HU” instead just add worked “shorten” before the URL you will get short crisp URL which are super easy to share, particularly in mobile devices .

These are some of the cool features we can enjoying using DDG instead other search giants.

Originally published at goodthingsininternet.wordpress.com on August 14, 2015.