Emergency! I have wine, but no corkscrew!

No time? Here is the punchline…

One simple way to open a bottle of wine is to just push the cork inside the bottle.

Yesterday, while in Split, Croatia, I went on a boat tour with a new friend from Remote Year. A few minutes before our Uber arrived to take us to the tour meeting point we decided to quickly go in to the mini-market right next to where we were waiting. We quickly grabbed what we thought was a bottle of wine with a screw-cap.

Blue Grotto (Biševo)

A few hours into the boat tour we have seen some amazing sites, but there was no sign of food happening any time soon. So we decided to have some wine. As you may have guessed, the bottle had a cork and we did not have a corkscrew. We asked the boat crew if they had one and one of the guys seemed like he might, but of course he didn’t. I tried a trick that I have used in the past where you put the bottle inside a shoe (so that you don’t break the glass) against the seats. That trick requires a harder hit and I did not want to destroy the boat so that did not work. Luckily we had a phone that somehow had internet access.

Turns out there are a bunch of methods to open a bottle of wine. One simple way to open a bottle of wine is to just push the cork inside the bottle. I looked for something with a diameter smaller than the opening of the bottle and eventually found a pen. A few seconds later and a bit of a splash of wine and we were enjoying a delicious Italian wine that turns out was made in the area were another one of the people in the trip came from.

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