Strange Love

by Salina Mendoza

Stepping out of class

I’m drawn by the bell

I try not to walk with much sass

I walk by my love

She gives me a shrug

She doesn’t want to be noticed

I have no recollection

It wasn’t my intentions

To show my unconditional love

I replicate a mirror of emotions

But I don’t have any notions

To make her feel uncomfortable

I ask why

Why I couldn’t say hi

My stomach blurts commotion

I see faces, similar faces

They all seem to be distant

I can’t make up their faces

More is telling me they’re faceless

They seem to only stare

Mouths are moving

Conclusions are building

I am no longer hers to care

She turns her back

And now I’m back to where I was before

As the day goes by

I can’t tell why

I’m never shown the reason

I’m left in treason

For something I feel

The feeling of destruction

I come to tears

Knowing my love isn’t mutual

I was made to be a monster

To my surprise

I was the other

To love with no boundaries

Caring only of my feelings

I left things open to share

Little did I know

The day after would never compare

Love before, obsession after

I was in despair

How could you turn on me

I was so good to you

What a strange love affair