I have a mixed feeling towards the term “Growth-hacking”. On the plus side, its increasing popularity seems to prove more and more people start to realize the importance of Growth work and really start paying attention to it. On the minors side, it tends to give people who are not very familiar with the matter an impression that Growth work is just about hacking things around, or finding sneaky ways, short cuts, or small tricks here and there to game the users, which I couldn’t disagree more.

What I believe is, at the end of the day, Growth is about “understanding the fundamental of user needs, and connect users with the right part of your product, right experience of your product, at the right time”.

In other words, there are three key problems that a Growth team should be aiming to solve

  1. be able to understand fundamentally what users are looking for
  2. be able to have the right product & experience that address the user needs
  3. be able to connect the right users to your product & experience at the right time

Everyone of those problems are connected to each other. For instance, if you don’t understand what users are looking for, it’s hard to ensure the product & experience is truly addressing their needs. On the other hand, just by having a good product, doesn’t necessarily mean that it would automatically get delivered to the right users at the time when they need it.

The beauty of Growth work then is by coming from a truly user-centric perspective, to connect the dots between user needs, product, and usage.