A short note on mind sports and cognitive ability

Do you have an interest in reading about mind-sports and improved cognitive ability of children? I came across this very well balanced piece written on improving chess skills with the goal to improve the cognitive abilities. There are both pro and con arguments to establishing this correlation between two different abilities.

The con argument proponents fallback on failure to generalize theory. They use examples from beyond chess for validate their argument. Such as getting better at music training or video game training (etc) will not always have an effect on academic abilities. You would get better at one thing for sure — playing music or playing chess, but the skills may not transfer to different domains.

Source: 10 big-brain benefits of playing chess

The pro argument proponents believe that chess training can still add significant value. Playing chess does involve some level of arithmetical and geometrical skills. Designing mathematical games or exercises with chess pieces can be another fun way to help children learn.

A longer read is available to be read on the conversation — does playing chess make you smarter — a look at the evidence .

My personal opinion accepts both these view points. For example, learning how to use a screw driver does not make you a genius mechanical engineer. However it can be a good starting point to get you interested into it. It would give you a way to confidently open and close machines and find out if the inside world is more interesting.

Playing Halfchess is an easy way to focus for a short 2–3 mins, relax and get back to your work. Its also a lot more fun way to teach chess to your kids.

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