My Dear India

I am an entrepreneur based out of India. What triggered me writing about India? The need to express a mildly negative emotion. This is an evolving blog. I re:edit it and write new things to it.

I have lived in India for all my life. India is everything that I need — its tough love, its full of idiot’s across economic strata playing a blame game, and full of challenges — its a massive land rediscovering itself. It’s so much like myself, that I can feel it in me.

The people here have extremely varying view points. They live in their own worlds — the rich in theirs, the middle class in theirs and the poor in theirs. The worlds often don’t mix — and what that results into is a lot of unaware idiots. When the worlds mix, these idiots just go stupid. But I love it here. The pleasure in seeing things from many different viewpoints.

Then there are complainers and blamers. For people into complaining, I like to find out if they are doing more than they complain about. For people into blaming, I like to find out if they are really a victim.

Random scribbles for the day.

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