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We are now a certified B Corp!

Whilst we acknowledge that we can’t become ‘one with nature’ — we are a company and we exist within a system that is at odds with the natural world — we also believe that we can take active steps towards curbing the destructive impact our work has on the environment, and strive towards a system of responsibility, care and regeneration.

For us, the B Corp standard is at the forefront of this vision and we are so proud to announce that we are now a certified B Corp! With this, we join a global community who are working together to make businesses a force for good.

The road getting to this point was long. We started this journey towards the end of 2020. You may have even followed our process of becoming a B Corp. While we have been waiting for our documentation to be reviewed, we’ve been keeping busy to improve. We’ve provided our managers with more tools to support employees and invited speakers to learn more about diversity within the creative sector. We’ve also implemented some less visible yet fundamentally important changes such as improving our supply change, waste management and changing banks.

Through implementing these steps, we are transforming our intentions into actions — and in doing so, finding more pride and purpose in the way we work.

Our main takeaway from this year is the importance of being more intentional and less laissez-faire. At first, as a small studio with a big family-feel, we thought formally establishing these policies may threaten our culture of creative freedom. Change is hard, but as we’ve grown through the years and matured, we’ve realised that an absence of rules and policies doesn’t protect anyone — and can actually cause harm. Implementing better practices in certain areas of our studio life has made us see that this can strengthen our foundations and foster an atmosphere of freedom and trust.

Initially, we were aiming for a score of 93 with the knowledge that this would be adjusted after review. In the end, we received 84.6. We know that the work has only just begun.

Today, we are proud to become part of the wider community, and we’re looking forward to playing an active role. In our circles — our freelance network and the suppliers among them ie– we’re trying to push for more change in the field of diversity and we’re excited to learn more about what we can do from the resources of the bigger B Corp community.

One way of learning is by sharing with each other; we are happy to share our story for others to learn from, just like we’ve learnt from those who have already gone down this path.

Watch this space for more…



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