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[#11] Tragedy

Something unexpected

Riaaaa…. Where are you?! These thoughts are killing me. I need to talk to you urgently.” Aman said to himself, really tensed.


It was his 24th call. Missed call.

Ria was constantly not picking up her phone. It had happened for the first time and was making Aman really anxious. He kept on trying and finally she picked up.

“Where were you Ria? Why were you not picking up your phone? I have been waiting…. Wait! Are you crying? HOLY CRAP! What has happened? Are you alright?” Aman said, completely disturbed.

“Accident…Dad…he’s in hospital. Really critical.” She could barely utter her words as the tears streamed down her face.

Aman’s voice cracked with emotions after hearing her, “I’ll be there in 5. Don’t worry, he’ll be perfectly fine. Stay strong Ria. He’ll be fine.”

The hospital was near his residence so he took an auto and quickly reached there. On his way, he realized that now he could not tell Ria about that fact as she was already in tatters. But he promised himself that he would share the secret as soon as possible.

He ran inside the main building and asked for the ICU; he saw Ria standing near the reception with her mother, talking to the doctor. He waited there for a moment and then went to console her mother as the doctor departed. She was shattered; totally in shock. The doctor had informed them in a dramatic classic way that if he does not gain consciousness within 12 hours, he might fall into a coma.

15 minutes later, he asked her to come in the lobby to talk about the event.

“Are you fine? Please don’t overthink; I’m sure he’ll be fine really soon.”

Ria nodded and hugged him feeling totally weak, frail.

Both of them sat on a bench in the lobby and she started explaining him about the accident.

“Dad was going for a meeting in South Delhi around 3pm when an over-speeding truck rammed into his car. It wasn’t the truck driver’s fault completely; Dad was texting someone while driving. I have asked him so many times not to do that ever but he never listens and now…” she started crying again.

He held her hand and calmed her down.

“They were critically injured when people around the spot brought them here.”

He interrupted her and enquired about the people she was taking about.

“My dad and Miss. Lilly. They both were going together for the meeting when this happened.”

“What? Miss. Lilly? Umm…uncle’s secretary?”

She nodded.

Holy fuck! Aman was so sure that this lady was the one he had seen at the jewelry shop. “Is she fine now? I mean…you know.” Aman asked.

Ria started crying again with her face in her hands. She didn’t answer his question for a minute or two.

“She’s no more.”

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