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[#13] Proposal

Imperfectly perfect

Life was going all fine. Ria’s dad had almost recovered physically but mentally he wasn’t that strong and stable. Ria’s mother did everything possible to encourage him to forget about the tragic incident and move on in his life. They both motivated him to rejoin his company as work would keep him occupied and assist in healing his internal injuries. One week after complete recovery, her dad rejoined his company.

Meanwhile, Ria was busy with her work at her new office and was loving it there. Aman had finally started his own business as a music consultant and it was all going well. Both of them were pretty satisfied with their lives.

One day Mrs. Malhotra thought of visiting her husband at work just to know how things were going on there. To her surprise, the receptionist informed her that Mr. Malhotra wasn’t there at that moment and that he rarely stayed there for long. As he was not permitted to drive for at least six more months, they had hired a driver for him. She called him but got to know that he was at the office parking only.

One of his colleagues at the office saw Mrs. Malhotra and went to see her. While talking to her he told her that Mr. Malhotra had gone to some place with the company’s driver and he did that almost every other day. She got really anxious and was worried about his health. Her wifey instinct felt that something wrong was going on.

She went back home and decided not to share this with Ria as she wasn’t sure about anything.

Their independence, maturity, success and bank balance did not change their old meeting point. Even the owner of the café felt proud everytime he saw them there, together.

This time, though the venue was same, but the place looked entirely different. Finally, he found the right time to propose to Ria. He had planned every single thing perfectly. Aman had already discussed his plan with the owner and had booked the entire café; as it wasn’t that famous so the owner had no problem in closing it for others for just one day. The garden was decorated with orchards and roses, chocolate chip cake on the table, a bottle of Champagne (actually containing apple juice) and a small gift packed beautifully.

As she came near the main gate of the café she saw the board saying “CLOSED” and she furiously called Aman for the idiotic prank. He came running outside and held her hand to bring her in. She was really confused as he was all dressed up in formals and that the café was totally empty. She was about to ask him about the things going on when he leaned in and kissed her. She blushed and looked around and to her surprise there was no one, not even the owner.

Aman led her to the garden covering her eyes and made her stand in the center and asked her not to open her eyes. He felt really nervous, more than he felt during his first interview. A part of his mind thought that it was too cheesy but decided to do it anyway for her. He took out the ring, cleaned it with the side of his shirt and knelt down.

Ria slowly opened her eyes, stared at him for a minute and then burst out laughing. Aman was shocked to see her reaction and immediately stood up with his mouth open. She started laughing harder after seeing his reaction and hugged him tightly. Aman realized that those ‘too cheesy’ thoughts were actually right. They both started laughing when Ria asked for her ring and Aman knew that his long speech was unnecessary. He held her hand and slipped the ring into her finger. The ring looked extremely beautiful on her finger and the smile on her face was priceless. It went all perfect in their own imperfect way!

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