[14/26] No More Coffee

This story is part of the A-Z challenge that I’m doing.

My days wouldn’t begin without having a large mug of black coffee in the morning. Coffee, I thought, was my energy drink but it turned out to be an addiction. I remember how I used to wonder about the question, “Why do people drink alcohol when it is so bitter?”

I found the answer within myself. My espressos used to be sugarless and bitter. I didn’t have coffee because it tasted bitter, rather because of what it made me feel afterward. I could think and work for long hours after having a cup of strong coffee. I could drive for long hours after a dose of coffee. I was a huge caffeine addict; I couldn’t function without it. Throughout the day, I used to have gulped down at least four mugs of coffee.

The addiction began with one small cup of coffee in the night and quickly escalated to four mugs. I didn’t notice my addiction until I was forced to not have coffee for a few days. On the consecutive second day of not having coffee, I found myself in the miserable state — I was sitting in my chair holding my head and unable to think. I wanted to somehow have caffeine in my bloodstream. I felt an excruciating pain inside. I went numb. Somehow the day passed.

The third day was similar. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening around me. I made it through the day by having a cup of green tea. The fourth day was so much better. I didn’t feel the need of caffeine and yet I found myself energetic and able to think and work. I even found myself feeling lighter than the usual days.

Soon, the weekend arrived. On weekends, I could earlier be found in my bed whole day, either reading a book or working on my laptop. I’d hardly get off my bed. But on the weekend, after not having coffee for a whole week, I found myself jumping up and down the house, doing various things and not feeling dull.

There was just one change in that week, which was, there was no caffeine in my blood. It all had rinsed out. And once it was out, I’ve decided to not put it in my blood stream again. I’ve vowed to not have coffee anymore. I feel so better these days without caffeine.

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