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[#18] When Father told the truth

and was proved innocent

Everything was fine. Ria’s mother had accepted Aman as a part of their family. It was time for Aman’s parents to accept Ria now.

Ria had been fretting over meeting his parents for some days now. Aman teased her by saying that his mom might not like her long nose. Ria would frown at him. She had been watching videos and reading tips on the internet on how to impress your future in laws. She had finally zeroed on one dress which looked part traditional and part western after bugging Aman hundreds of times over her dress for the day. She told her Mom that she would be going to meet his parents and her mom just wished her luck.

“Mom! Give me some tips at least? I am panicking right now!”

“Why are you? You’ll be fine! They are not going to believe their son’s choice, trust me. You’re beautiful, you’re smart and you’re respectful too.” said Mom.

“So sweet of you Mom but seriously, I need tips not reassurance!” said a panicked Ria.

It was a Sunday afternoon when Aman had told his parents that he’s going to bring someone to meet them. His parents had already anticipated that he would be bringing his girlfriend. They had made all the preparations. From cleaning the house to the best to all the shopping and gift.. everything was taken care of.

The doorbell rang and Aman’s mother, dressed up in one of her best attire, opened the door. As expected, there was a beautiful girl standing beside Aman who joined her hands in a Namastey and bowed a little.

Ria had read on the internet that she must keep a smile at all times, no matter how nervous she get. She did the same. Smiling, she greeted both his parents and was welcomed into the house. She looked at the house and was glad to see that she was expected. She had been there before also, in her high school when they had just begun dating. She blushed at the thought.

“Ria! I can feel you blushing. Stop imagining me naked in front of my parents.” Aman whispered in her ears.

Fuck, Aman. Not right now! She thought and scolded herself for not focusing.

She sat down while his Mom brought coffee for all. She was getting nervous beyond limits but made sure to keep smiling and offered to help his mother.

Aman’s father broke the awkwardness. “You have chosen a very beautiful bride, Aman. I wonder how you get her to marry you.”

“She is as smart as beautiful. Wait till she stops being nervous, Dad.”

“Aman!” Ria hushed him quietly, getting all red.

“Ria, where do you work, beta?”

“Aunty I have been working at McKinsey in Gurgaon for an year now. I will shift after a few years.”

“Okay. I am so happy that Aman found a girl for himself and didn’t bother us to find one for him. How long have you known each other?”

“Mom do you remember that in high school, you caught a love letter in one of my pockets?”

“What! Since high school? Wow. Aman, you don’t tell us anything, do you?”

“Sorry, I was waiting for the right time always.” He said and smiled.

“Anyway, Ria, Do your parents know about you both? Or should we talk to them?”

“My Mom knows Aman, Aunty. She likes him too.”

“Oh great! And your Dad?”

Ria looked at Aman and couldn’t say anything.

“Is.. everything fine? I am sorry.”

“Oh no no, Aunty. Actually my Mom and Dad are divorced now.”

“Oh!” She widened her eyes and looked at her husband. Ria noticed that she wasn’t very comfortable with this piece of news so she tried to explain. “My dad had cheated on my Mom, so my Mom left him and we shifted to our new house.”

“I see.”

After the meeting was over, Aman came to drop Ria home in his new car. She was very nervous because although his parents had not say a No or anything but weren’t quite comfortable with her parents being divorced.

Aman tried to explain to her that his Mom is a little orthodox and she might take a little time to accept that things are still fine but he eventually will.

Aman parked the car in front of her house and came in to meet Ria’s Mom.

To their surprise, there was a guest waiting for them in the living room. He was a man in his late seventies, maybe. Ria noticed that her Mom’s eyes were swelled up as if she had been crying.

“Your father is innocent.” Her Mother said and hugged her.

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