[#2] Memories

in a Random Tiny Tale titled Silence

Image Courtesy: The Grove

The story begins with Rooh:

It seemed far away- the times she had been with him and the spaces she had given herself into. No wonder times and spaces play hide-n-seek with the minds. Beautiful journeys seem so close and ugly destinations so distant.

She had known happier times with him. The times when she joyously narrated her stories while she glimpsed at his sparkling eyes looking back at her. Talking was therapeutic for her — to make him listen to her stories and to listen to his stories as well. A barter so inexpensive and invaluable, at the same time. She loved to know the details of the characters in his mind and to analyze all the stories that were so disjointed.

A deluge of memories immersed her in the silence. The reason she embraced this silence, she knew not. But, it made her ponder over her life, a lot more, much like he did. Soaking in the memories, she wanted to brush away her sorrows for it were these memories that made living, bearable.

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The story continues:

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