[#2] Motionless Nights

in a Random Tiny Tale titled Fellowship

Image Courtesy: Spirit Science

The story begins with The Cottage:

Jim stood there, motionless. All he could think about was his unanswered question and a déjà vu.

“Jim, tonight is a full moon. Stay with your father. Don’t you dare walk outside.” His mother shouted at him few months back and left for some work. This challenged him even more. Watching the full moon was his favorite hobby. This was an opportunity for him to sneak out. Mother wasn’t home and his dearest father will not get to know.

He came back as soon as he could after roaming in the fields. He saw his numb mother standing motionless with a glass of water in her hands, staring at something inside the cottage.

That was one night, now is another. Father must have asked for a glass of water just like she did. It was my carelessness that killed my father, now it is my mother. Jim could only look at the moon now and cry his hearts out, “Where is my father!!??? Where is my mother!!?? I do not know, do you?”

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