[#2] Perspective

in a Random Tiny Tale titled Synchronicity

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The story begins with a Swallow:

Sensay replied “meaningful life — as per my machine learning algorithm it means a life with some meaning whereas happy life means when you are happy in your life.”

“I am not asking for the definitions, you stupid bot. I want to know on how to arrive at a juncture where life meets its purpose,” unsatisfied with the answer August dismissed the bot.

After a while, a window popped up on her phone with a reply from Sensay “Hey August, we are system programmed bots and can only understand words as it is. We fail to perceive the situations. But we are designed on adaptive programming which allows us to take the input from our users and build upon it. So, what does life means to you? It will help me in providing you with a useful answer and assist you better.”

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The story continues:

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