[#3] Guilt

in a Random Tiny Tale titled End Of His World

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The story begins with The Result:

Hey sweetheart, you seem sad. Want me to cheer you up?” said Preeti, with her practiced wink and sultry looks. Pushing 34, she had lost half of her looks and none of her charm.

“I thought you knew that I wasn’t interested” said Shiv. It had become a ritual of theirs; she would offer with a hope to earn extra, he would turn her down with a smile.

“What’s keeping my only non-paying friend so sad? Here, you need it more” she said, passing him the bottle of whiskey.

“Why do you care?” Shiv lashed out after taking a deep swig. His self-control had reached its end. In front of her unassuming eyes, tears began to fall freely.

“I failed them. I failed everyone. I can’t live with this guilt of disappointing everyone.”

“Why do you live with guilt? You don’t owe anyone, anything. This is your life. Stop trying to please everyone else.”

In the midst of that loud silence that followed, his phone rang. It was his father.

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The story continues here:

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