[#5] The Flashback

in a Random Tiny Tale titled End Of His World

Image Courtesy: American Roadmap

The story begins with The Result:

Shiv’s mind flashed back.

He didn’t watch a film till he was 6. His father, a teacher at the nearby school always held studies to be most important in life, and any thought of the latest flick, would earn him a rebuke.

Movies, considered a luxury, were for the special occasions.

Shiv lived for those moments. Soon, he befriended the Cinema Hall owner’s son and convinced him, to watch movies from the projector room.

When he got admission in DU, he was jubilant.

He fell in love with the colours, the vibrancy of the old city, and theater.

Sitting in the cold night with Preeti, he decided to SHOW his father that he couldn’t be like him. He couldn’t love Chemistry; he was someone else.

It was just a lucky coincidence then; that his “tutor” shall call his father to Delhi on the day of his performance at the nearby theater.

“I need your help, Ma’am” he said with a grin.

“Tell me.”

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